For the first time in years, Long Island is home to a new luxury mens specialty store, the Woodbury Mens Shop. Born as the vision of a team of master clothiers, the store takes the menswear shopping experience to new heights of quality and service.

The partners —Jim Foley, Amir Moradi, and Rich O’Boyle— bring decades of experience dressing generations of Long Island’s leaders in the finest luxury European menswear available. The hallmark of the Woodbury Mens Shop is its tradition of fine service and hospitality.


  • Jim Foley
    Jim Foley Co-Founder & Buyer

    Jim has guided the style and taste level for Long Island’s affluent men for over 30 years. He maintains strong relationships with established Italian manufacturers as well as creative new designers so that he can bring the finest products to our customers. Jim’s knowledge of the latest industry and fashion trends has made him a frequent contributor to periodicals such as Newsday and MR Magazine.

  • Marco DeStefano
    Marco DeStefano Co-Founder & Store Manager

    With over 35 years of progressively challenging sales and management positions in luxury menswear, Marco keeps the shopfront running smoothly and productively. Marco’s success with his loyal clientele is attributed to his attention to detail and product knowledge. We credit Marco with creating an atmosphere of hospitality and friendliness in the store.

  • Rich O’Boyle
    Rich O’Boyle Finance & Marketing Manager

    Rich brings entrepreneurial zeal and financial acumen to the position of the store’s Finance Manager. With a wide range of problem-solving and organizational skills, he helps to keep things running smoothly behind the scenes.

  • Hilary Early
    Hilary Early Sales Associate

    Hilary is a familiar face in Woodbury and the North Shore of Long Island, having worked with customers in luxury retail and fine restaurants in both towns over the last 20 years. With a great eye for detail, knowledge of merchandising and buying, her well-rounded experience and stellar customer service make her an ideal sales consultant. Hilary is skilled at outfitting and accessorizing casual sportswear as well as business attire.

  • Tim Nolan
    Tim Nolan Sales Associate

    Tim’s brilliant design skills and exquisite taste level are well-known across Huntington and the North Shore of Long Island. He brings decades of sophisticated experience in “all things visual.” Tim is a trusted fashion advisor, particularly as a personal and event stylist for special occasions such as weddings and bar mitzvahs.

  • Marc Fenster
    Marc Fenster Sales Associate

    Marc has established himself as a unique fashion consultant. With some 40 years of experience, he has maintained an extraordinary clientele with meticulous service second to none. In addition, he has been one of the area’s top personalized haberdashers catering to executives in Manhattan offices and Long Island homes.

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