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Why Own a Tuxedo?

There’s certainly no shortage of shops on Long Island that will rent you a tuxedo. So why should you buy one? We can think of four convincing reasons:
Perfect fit: When a tuxedo fits properly, you feel more comfortable and look your best. Even if your weight changes over the years, Woodbury Mens Shop will alter the tuxedo to keep it fitting perfectly.
Dollars and sense: It takes just a few tux-worthy occasions in a decade for this garment to pay for itself. Owning is more convenient too—you’re not at the mercy of a store’s hours for returns.
Top quality: Rentals are made of the most durable synthetic fabrics. When you buy from Woodbury Mens Shop, you can select from the finest Italian fabrics.
Show your style: Make a personal statement by choosing from a variety of lapel styles, button arrangements and contrasting fabrics, among other details.
Stop by the Woodbury Mens Shop and let us show you the myriad ways you can customize a tuxedo for the special occasions coming up in spring and summer.