The Perfect Watch

Time Waits for No Man
A timepiece can be so much more than something that tells time: a gift marking a special occasion; a symbol that you appreciate the finer things; a family heirloom passed from one generation to the next.
A watch also a can’t-miss accessory for your favorite outfit. You might choose a shiny metallic Rolex Datejust with your dressiest tailored suit, for example. A leather-banded Luminore Due from Panerai seems the perfect choice for a more casual look, while nothing beats the rugged elegance of an American-made Shinola Field Watch for a day in the great outdoors.
Make sure your clothing matches the quality and craftsmanship of your watch. We invite you to visit us at Woodbury Mens Shop and browse our huge selection of suits, shoes and accessories from the world’s best designer brands.

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