2016 "Color of the Year" from Pantone

Color authority Pantone has “doubled down” this year, for the first time introducing twin “it” colors. The blending of powdery blue Serenity and Rose Quartz, a soft pink, has been chosen as the Color(s) of the Year. Traditionally used to symbolize male and female, this year’s selections transcend gender, as the cooler tranquil blue and the warmer rose tone have become true unisex colors. Rose Quartz conveys “compassion and a sense of composure,” says Pantone, while Serenity brings “feelings of respite and relaxation.” Together, the pastel pairing creates a sense of calm. Expect those soft hues to pop up in every spring and summer collection—you’ll find them as solid tones as well as accent colors in sportcoat and jackets, ties and pocket squares and polos and dress shirts.

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