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custom fitted designer suits at Woodbury Mens Shop on Long Island
Suits The Woodbury Mens Shop selects the finest mills to fabricate our suits and sport coats so that exquisite fabrics and fit join together for the perfect finish.

A fine Italian-made suit is a work of art in itself. When accessorized with a custom shirt, silk tie, pocket square, leather or skin belt, cufflinks and handmade shoes, the suit reaches new heights of elegance. Over the last decade business attire has trended between casual and more traditional fashions. In some offices, it’s not uncommon to simultaneously see three-piece suits alongside sport coat and trouser outfits. The key to wearing any of these varying levels of dress wear is coordinate each element of the outfit with care.
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Belvest Coppley Pal Zileri Trussini WMS Signature Collection Nikky Cantarelli
Hertling Trussini Pal Zileri WMS Signature Collection Zanella
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Mirto Montaliani Taccaliti Luciano Moresco WMS Signature Collection Stenströms
Abbey Italo Ferretti Michelassi Santostefano Seaward & Stearne
Gallo Bianco Jan Leslie W. Kleinberg
Belvest designer avialable at Woodbury Mens Shop on Long Island Designer suits by pal zileri at mens clothing store woodbury, ny Trussini designer suits at woodbury mens shop on long island Designer suits by Giovani Taccaliti at woodbury clothing store Coppley Crest designer menswear at Woodbury clothing store on Long Island