3 Steps to a Perfect Shave

You’ve seen a wet shave done in the movies (remember the barber shop scene with Robert De Niro in The Untouchables?). With the right tools and this simple guide, you can experience one in the comfort of your own home.

Step 1: Prep Work

To start, apply a hot towel to your face to open your pores and zap any bacteria on your skin. Keep it on for about five minutes, then massage a pre-shaving oil (a pea-sized drop or two is all you need) evenly on your skin. The oil will allow the razor to slide easily across your face, reducing irritation.

Get rid of the canned shaving gels and foams. Instead, use a high-quality cream or shaving soap that moisturizes and doesn’t contain too many chemicals. (If you can’t pronounce the ingredients, skip it.) Lather up and apply it using a quality brush—think bristles made of badger or horsehair.

Step 2: The Shave

Now comes the fun part. Use a sharp double-edged safety razor, like the kind your grandfather might have used. A straight blade will give you the closest shave, but since it’s also known as the “cutthroat,” we recommend leaving that one to the professionals.

Shave in the direction your hair grows first, then perpendicularly if your skin isn’t too sensitive. Going against the direction of hair growth will increase the likelihood of razor bumps and ingrown hairs.

Step 3: The Finish Line

Once you’re stubble-free, rinse with hot water to remove any excess cream and oil. Then splash your face with cold water. This will close your pores and prep your skin for a cool aftershave balm. If you didn’t rush the process and followed the steps carefully, you won’t experience too much of an “aftershave sting.”

Voilà! Run your hands up and down your face and feel the softness. You’re done and ready to face the world.


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Fall Clothing Care 101

Your wardrobe is an investment. Make sure it lasts by taking the time to protect it from the elements this fall.


Water won’t damage high-end wool or cashmere as long as it’s taken care of once back inside. Don’t leave your wet sweater to hang. It’ll end up stretched at the shoulders. Lay it out on a drying rack instead and give it time to dry properly.


Never store your coat before it’s completely dry or you’ll be left with a musty smell. Hanging it on a cedar hanger will keep moths away without the smell of mothballs.


Don’t leave your shoes over a heater or out in the sun to dry. You’re guaranteed to fade or damage the material in the long run. Instead, stuff them with newspapers and let them dry on their own.


Out with the Old, In with the New

This is the time of year to take stock of your wardrobe — see what’s still in style and what can be donated.

Clothes that you love but don’t wear anymore may just need new clothes to match. We’ll help you dress up that classic suit with a fresh custom shirt, a new silk tie and a matching pocket square.

Watch out for pleated pants and three-button jackets. They’ll make even an expensive suit look dated. Replace them with more modern fits such as soft shoulders and shorter jackets instead.

We maintain relationships with several charities that will find a new home for the clothes you don’t want. We’ll even come to your home and help you decide what to donate and what to keep.

Ready to give your wardrobe a new lease on life? Stop in or give us a call at 516.802.5280 to schedule an appointment today.


Upcoming Trunk Shows: Autumn Cashmere and MAC Jeans This Weekend

Upcoming Trunk Shows: Autumn Cashmere and MAC Jeans This Weekend

Our trunk shows provide you with a unique chance to learn more about your favorite brands. If you find a piece you love, you can purchase it then and there. We’re excited to offer you this experience at these upcoming shows:

October 22: Autumn Cashmere with Amanda Wachsmuth and MAC Jeans with Galina Mironoff