A Coat to Be Proud Of


Gimo’s Italiana is among the Woodbury Mens Shop’s most popular outerwear brands. Super warm and super stylish, a Gimo’s leather shearling coat is the perfect choice when temperatures drop in the North East.

Though Gimo’s has expanded since 1968, when it began as a family-run workshop specializing in the traditional Italian production of fine leather garments, the company is still devoted to quality and craftsmanship. It brings together a network of the finest workshops in Italy to produce each year’s collection, bringing a sophisticated, contemporary touch to your cold weather wardrobe. Try Gimo’s on today at the Woodbury Mens Shop.

Hip to Be Square


We love Edward Armah pocket squares for their inventive designs and their wide variety of luxurious fabrics and trimmings.

Hand-crafted in Irish linen, Italian silk, Sea Island cotton, rich wool and other sought-after fabrics, Edward Armah pocket squares add a vibrant pop of fall color to your favorite outfit, with all of the hues of the rainbow and prints that run the gamut from mild to wild. Stop in to the Woodbury Mens Shop today and find the accessory that your best suit or sport coat deserves.

Walk Your Own Path


Bill White, the founder of Gallo Bianco, once received a gift from his father: It was a golden ring emblazoned with the image of a rooster that, contrary to tradition, faced west instead of east. The implied message was that the son needed to fall in line and do what was expected of him.

Despite the message, White continued to do things his way. The result is a beautiful line of shoes, classic with subtle modern details, crafted in the hills outside Naples using time-honored methods and only the finest calfskin leather.

If you’re a man of style who, like Gallo Bianco’s founder, prefers to blaze his own trail, there are no better shoes to walk that path less traveled.