The Benefits of Owning a Tuxedo

Coppley Tuxedo

Coppley Tuxedo

There is no shortage of tuxedo rental shops on Long Island. When considering whether to buy vs. rent a tuxedo, keep in mind the important benefits of owning your own tuxedo and formalwear.

The most important element in buying the right tuxedo is that the garment fit properly. When something fits right, you will be more comfortable and look your best. Other people notice that. Even if your weight changes over the years, the Woodbury Mens Shop’s expert tailors will alter the garment to keep it fitting perfectly.

If you expect to wear a tuxedo at least three or four times over the next ten years, then it often makes financial sense to purchase a tuxedo rather than rent one each time. When you own a tuxedo, you’ll find yourself wearing it more often — and getting the most value from it. It’s also more convenient to own rather than rent, since you aren’t constrained by the rental company’s contract and store hours.

It’s no secret that rental tuxedos are of the most rigid and durable synthetic fabrics, manufactured to last through hundreds of wearings and dry cleanings. When buying a tuxedo and other personal formal attire, select from the finest Italian fabrics, designed to breathe and wear comfortably. Rather than genericĀ  cloth and buttons, choose special fabrics and furnishings that will stand the test of time from style and quality perspectives.

The basic black tuxedo stands the is the hallmark of elegance. You’ll find variations in lapel styles (shawl, peak, notch), number of buttons (one, two or three) and contrasting fabrics (satins, grosgrains, etc.). Most tuxedos have a silk stripe down the length of the trousers. To make a statement, choose a subtly patterned black fabric or a midnight blue. A velvet jacket paired with solid slacks and a fancy bow tie is an elegant option for a night on the town.

Every gentleman’s wardrobe should include a tuxedo. The excitement comes from customizing the garment and wearing it to your special occasions.