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Suit Yourself

Why settle for off-the-rack style when you can customize a suit to meet all needs? Did you know there‚Äôs a fine clothing option in between off-the-rack and fully custom-made? In the Woodbury Mens Shop Made-To-Measure program, a garment is tailored to the exact specifications of your body. First you pick a style from one of […]

Men’s Fashions for the Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby is one of America’s premier sporting events: The first jewel in horse racing’s Triple Crown. The derby is also a showcase for Southern style. Most people associate the Kentucky Derby with stylish women’s hats — but men can show their fashion sense as well. Southern styles tend toward the dapper. Dress up […]

The Benefits of Owning a Tuxedo

There is no shortage of tuxedo rental shops on Long Island. When considering whether to buy vs. rent a tuxedo, keep in mind the important benefits of owning your own tuxedo and formalwear. The most important element in buying the right tuxedo is that the garment fit properly. When something fits right, you will be […]

What to Wear to a Job Interview

You’ve prepared yourself for a job interview more aggressively than Presidential candidates practice for televised debates. You have a fresh copy of your resume, a sharpened pencil and a brand new legal pad. The final decision is what to wear to that important job interview. Todd Fabricant, President of Todd Mitchell Associates, a global executive […]